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Fire Pump Services & Testing

  • Annual Inspection
  • Fire Pump Flow Testing based on NFPA schedules
  • California Weekly Fire Pump Certification
  • Fire Pump Repair
  • Diesel Fire Pump Services
  • Fire Pump Flow Test
  • Churn Testing

Red Beacon is your #1 solution for fire pump service and repair services in Southern California. Fire pumps need to be tested on a monthly and annual basis according to NFPA 25.

The fire pump provides increased pressure that is able to push the water through all piping and sprinkler heads in your system – something the pressure from the city water service is unable to provide.

A fire pump is operated by electric power or diesel fuel. No matter the type – the pump will be activated automatically if water pressure drops below the threshold.

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Monthly "Churn" Testing for Fire Pumps

Electrically powered fire pumps will require this monthly churning. This test is conducted with no water flowing into the pump for about 10 minutes. Record the starting pressure of the pump. We then record the system suction and the discharge pressure gauge readings. Inspect pump packing glands to see if there is any discharge, unusual noises, or vibrations. After all this, we interpret results to see what needs to be done to ensure a properly working fire pump.

Annual Fire Pump Flow Testing

This testing is required once a year per NFPA 25. This test will measure the system's flow and pressure. We attach hoses to the discharge test header, which are then run to a safe location where water flow will cause no damage. We then take pressure readings as the fire pump is run through its various stages of the flow test.

These two tests need to happen on a routine basis to ensure your fire pump will operate as needed. Fire pumps are the most expensive component of a water-based fire sprinkler system, failing to maintain yours can be costly.

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Fire Sprinkler Systems Save Lives and Property

High-rise, warehouse, and commercial buildings will presumably have a fire pump installed at the time of construction. The fire pump is one of the main components of your fire protection system. As a property owner, it is best that you understand the importance of keeping your fire safety systems inspected on a regular, consistent basis to ensure they will be in working order.

We are fully licensed, bonded, insured, and come with a wealth of experience on all fire protection systems. We perform all inspections in accordance with NFPA 25 standards. We serve Los Angeles, Orange County, and the rest of the greater Southern California area. We are able to help keep you on schedule with your inspections, giving you one less thing to worry about. Our expert crews will conduct thorough inspections and suggest any proactive maintenance suggestions that may be needed.


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