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At Red Beacon, we know the importance of safe and up-to-date electrical systems in your Orange County remodel. Electrical upgrades are essential whether you're refreshing your kitchen, adding a luxurious bathroom suite, or expanding your living space. Our skilled team of certified electricians can help you remodel your electrical systems. We'll ensure your project runs smoothly and your building functions flawlessly.

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What We Do

Red Beacon Fire and Electric specializes in various electrical remodeling services to meet the unique demands of your project. We can help you with:

Outdated wiring in an electrical Remodel

Modernizing Outdated Wiring

Many older buildings in California have outdated systems. Often, these systems can't handle the increased demands of modern appliances. We'll assess your existing electrical wiring and recommend the best course of action. We'll help you bring your electrical system up to code and ensure safety.

Power Meter involved in an electrical Remodel

Meeting Increased Electrical Demands

Today's buildings rely on more technology than ever. We can install additional circuits and outlets to accommodate new appliances, lighting fixtures, and entertainment systems.

Appliances that have power from an electrical remodel

Planning for New Appliances and Fixtures

Do you dream of a gourmet kitchen with top-of-the-line appliances? Perhaps a luxurious bathroom remodeled with heated floors and a jacuzzi tub? Our electricians will work with you to ensure your new appliances and fixtures have the necessary electrical capacity. From panels to switches, we do it all.

Our Comprehensive Electrical Remodeling Services

We offer a comprehensive suite of electrical remodeling services. Our team designed our services to meet the specific needs of your Orange County building:

Residential Electrical Remodeling

 Our electricians expertly handle all aspects of residential electrical remodels. We can do everything from basement remodel electrical work to the kitchens, bathrooms, and everything in between. 

Residential Electrical Remodeling

Adding a new room or sunroom to your home requires careful electrical planning. We'll wire your new space safely and efficiently to meet all your needs. If you need electrical for additions or remodels installed, you need to trust the best.

Residential Electrical Remodeling

We don't just do electrical residential remodeling. Red Beacon Fire and Electric also offers commercial electrical remodeling services. Our team can meet the unique needs of any business space.

Our Process: Ensuring a Smooth and Successful Electrical Remodel

Red Beacon Fire and Electric takes pride in our transparent and efficient electrical remodeling process. Here's what you can expect when you choose us for your Orange County remodel project:

Drawings of an electrical remodel

Free Consultation

Our electrical experts will visit your building to discuss your goals and give you a free estimate. Then we'll assess your existing electrical system, and answer any questions you may have. A free consultation is a great way to get started, though there is no obligation. Through the consultation, we'll understand your electrical remodeling needs.

Project Plans

Project Planning and Design

Once we understand your vision, we'll work with you to develop a detailed plan for your remodel. We will outline the scope of work, and materials needed. We'll ensure your new electrical system meets all safety codes and regulations.


Upfront Cost Estimates

We believe in transparent pricing. Before we begin any work, you'll receive a comprehensive and detailed electric remodel cost estimate. We'll outline the project cost breakdown clearly. This allows you to make informed decisions and budget effectively.

Wires in an electrical remodel

Expert Installation and Quality Materials

Our team of licensed electricians uses only the highest quality materials and industry-leading installation practices. We prioritize safety and build your electrical systems to last.

Lights from an electrical remodel

Project Completion and Inspection

Your safety is our top concern. Once the electrical work is complete, we'll perform a thorough inspection to ensure everything meets code and functions flawlessly. We'll also obtain any necessary permits and schedule inspections with the Orange County electrical authorities.

Why Choose Red Beacon for Your Remodel?

When you choose Red Beacon for your Orange County electrical remodel, expect more than just expert electrical work. Here's what sets us apart:

Safety and Code Compliance

Our electricians are highly trained and certified.  Your remodel will adhere to all local and national electrical codes. This protects your investment and, most importantly, keeps the occupants safe.

Increased Functionality and Efficiency

We'll design an electrical system that meets your unique demands. We'll optimize power distribution and ensure your building functions flawlessly for years to come.

Peace of Mind and Long-Term Value

A properly designed and installed electrical system is an essential investment. Our work adds value to your property. We give you peace of mind knowing your electrical system is safe and reliable.

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