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Red Beacon is a licensed Fire Hydrant Installation Company in Southern California & Arizona. We are able to Install and replace Fire Hydrants. We adhere to NFPA 24, 25, 291, Public Safety as well as the State Fire Marshal Guidelines.

When damage or faults occur in a Fire Hydrant, you may not need to replace it. Our team of Fire Protection Contractors is able to efficiently diagnose your problems, give you an estimate and make any repairs if a replacement fire hydrant installation is required.

Every system we work on is carefully tested so that you, your building official, and your insurance are completely satisfied.

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More about Private Fire Hydrant Installations

A fire hydrant is a component of (AFP) or active fire protection systems. They are necessary for fire departments and firefighters to effectively combat and manage fires. There are various "types" of fire hydrants but there is a distinction between City Hydrants and Private Hydrants. It is important to note the differences and responsibilities for maintenance purposes. Locations and regulations vary as well.

City Hydrants

These fire hydrants are found on public property and the city or local jurisdiction is responsible for maintaining, servicing, and repairing. These are generally more common than private hydrants and positioned well enough to allow easy access for firefighters.

Private Hydrants

Fire Hydrant systems that are found on private property. These hydrants are required to be installed when the nearest public hydrant is too far for the firefighters to be able to combat fire on your property. These are owned and maintained by the property owner.

Choosing the right Fire Hydrant Installation Company

  • In order to ensure proper functioning, fire hydrants must be tested annually
  • Clear all foreign material by opening and flowing each hydrant
  • Annual lubrication of all fire hydrant components such as stems, caps, plugs, and threads is required to ensure smooth operation.

Hydrants being to rust as soon as they are installed. It's easy to take these systems for granted. Proper maintenance goes a long way! Contact Red Beacon today to get a quote for fire protection services or ask us about the right fire protection solutions for your property.


A fire hydrant that is being worked on

Fire Hydrant Systems Save Lives and Property

Our aim is to keep your Fire Protection Systems in working order so that they will activate when they are necessary. Routine maintenance and service to your fire protection system is the key to ensuring everything will function as needed when a fire is detected.

Our licensed team of professionals is able to provide end-to-end, reliable, and exceptional preventative maintenance for your fire hydrant systems. Our goal is to ensure your Fire Hydrant is in working order.

No job is too big or small for Red Beacon Fire & Electric. We have been working on Commercial, Industrial, and Residential facilities for over 10 years, and we strive for customer satisfaction.

We adhere to the rules and regulations under guidelines set by the NFPA, State Fire Marshal, and Public Safety regulations.

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