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Red Beacon is a licensed Fire Sprinkler Repair Company in Southern California & Arizona. We are able to repair all types of fire sprinkler systems. We adhere to NFPA 25, Public Safety, and the State Fire Marshal Guidelines.

You need your fire sprinkler system to operate properly in the event of a fire. Defects in your fire protection systems are unacceptable when lives are at risk. Metal piping in fire sprinkler systems is susceptible to corrosion, over time. Cracks and leaks in your system will form and need to be replaced. If you notice a fire sprinkler leak, contact us immediately!

Every system we work on is carefully tested so that you, your building official, and your insurance are completely satisfied.

Fire Sprinkler Systems we Repair and Install

  • Wet Pipe Systems
  • Dry pipe Systems
  • Deluge Systems
  • Pre-Action Systems

Call us at 855-202-2966 to speak with our fire protection experts who are happy to discuss your project. No project is too big or too small for us. Satisfaction Guaranteed!

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Fire Sprinkler System Repair Services

Fire Sprinkler Systems need to be meticulously maintained to prevent any faults in the system. No matter how expensive your system was, it will not last forever without adequate maintenance and following inspection schedules set forth by the NFPA. Systems that are not maintained will be considered to be a risk. Our fire protection contractors have all the experience needed to quickly identify any faults in your system, such as:

  • Leaking Fire Sprinklers
    • A visual inspection is a good way to identify a fire sprinkler leak. Sometimes the pipe is the issue, other times it can be the actual fire sprinkler head.
  • Broken Fire Sprinkler Heads
    • Once the source of the leak has been confirmed, our qualified technicians will be able to determine the extent of the damage and suggest the most effective and efficient form of repairs.
  • Fire Sprinkler Risers and other Mechanical Issues
    • You want to make sure that all parts of your system respond to fire detection. Alarms, valves, standpipes, fire hydrants, FDC & more.
An active fire sprinkler head

Commercial, Residential, & Industrial Fire Sprinkler Repair

National Safety Codes and local AHJ generally require buildings to be outfitted with a working fire sprinkler system. These are in place to protect lives and property.

California has a mandate for residential or home fire sprinkler systems to be installed on homes built on or after early 2011. Arizona has no such statewide mandate but we are happy to offer a quote on a system repair or installation!

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