Fire Protection Systems

What is a Fire Protection System?

A Fire Protection or Fire Suppression System can be comprised of many different systems/components such as Fire Sprinklers, Fire Alarms, Fire Hydrants & Others. These systems are used to extinguish, control, negate fire damage and prevent fires from spreading or occurring in the first place.

Red Beacon is your #1 solution for fire protection system services in Southern California & Arizona. Whether your project is new construction, a reconfiguration to an existing system, or retrofitting, our team is able to work on all types of fire protection systems.

Every system we work on is carefully tested so that you, your building official, and your insurance are completely satisfied.

Fire Protection System Services

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Fire Protection Systems Save Lives and Property

Fire safety system maintenance and upkeep should be a priority for any home or business owner. Keeping your business or home protected against fire damage is one of the key things you can do to ensure the safety of your employees, business, or loved ones.

Investing in a fire protection system is one of the best ways to reduce potential loss and damage during the event of a fire, all the while keeping occupants safe from fire danger.

Choosing the right fire protection company can be daunting. Make sure you choose a licensed, bonded C-16 Fire Protection Contractor. That's why Red Beacon Fire & Electric is happy to provide our full service of inspection, maintenance, installation, and repairs for all fire protection systems.

Better Understanding Active & Passive Fire Protection Systems

Every building should have a fire protection system. There are two types of Fire Protection Systems. Active Fire Protection (AFP) and Passive Fire Protection (PFP). These two types of fire protection systems work in tandem to help contain and minimize any damage or losses caused by fires. They can be effective on their own, but together they are able to bring you the best protection and peace of mind when it comes to fire safety for your building.

Active Fire Protection Systems

These systems are designed to directly extinguish fires. Here are some examples of (AFP) systems.

  • Smoke Detectors - these will activate with noise and lights which alert building occupants.
  • Fire Extinguishers - these are hand-held, manually operated devices that can be used to put out small fires.
  • Fire Sprinkler Systems - depending on the type, these will activate - quickly extinguishing any fires.

Requirements for these systems will vary depending on your building size, type, and occupancy.

Passive Fire Protection Systems

Although passive, these systems are always working. Generally, (PFP) is structural, meaning a lot of these system parts are built into the buildings they are used by. Here are some examples.

  • Fire-resistant walls & floors
  • Fire Dampers - prevent spread of fire inside ductwork (hvac) systems.
  • Fireproof doors, exit signs & photoluminescent path markers.




Choosing the right Fire Protection System

When it comes to protecting your building, it never boils down to “which fire protection system is better?”  Both of these systems play a vital role when it comes to protecting lives and property. (PFP) works at preventing and containment of fires, while (AFP) seeks to extinguish existing, detected fires. These systems are independent, but work together when it comes to fire protection. Both systems also need to be in working order, inspected, maintained & repaired as needed. Contact Red Beacon today to get a quote for fire protection services or ask us about the right fire protection solutions for your property.

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